Massage Events For Therapists

Massage Events – What’s Happening for Massage Therapists In Australia

Keep your eyes peeled for latest massage events for massage practitioners. You’ll find association news, upcoming PD opportunities and opportunities to network with therapists.

Professional Development – connect 2018


  • AAMT – Australian Assoc of Massage Therapists
  • AMT – Assoc of Massage Therapists
  • ANTA – Australian Natural Therapists Assoc
  • IAAMA  – International Aromatherapists And Massage Assoc
  • FA – Fitness Australia
  • Massage Australia
  • MAA – Massage Assoc of Australia
  • RAoA – Reflexology Assoc of Australia
  • Shiatsu  Shiatsu Assoc of Australia


Community events

National Massage Day – UK May 16 2017
National Massage Therapy Awareness Week USA – October 22-28, 2017!
National Massage Therapy Awareness Week AUS – Date Not Established for 2017
Community awareness