FAQ Continuing Education Massage Therapy

FAQ on Continuing Professional Education

What is CE / CPE / PD ?

These are all acronyms for skills and knowledge development undertaken by professionals in their field.  Continuing Professional Education (CPE)  or continuing professional development, is the means by which professionals maintain and develop skills and acquire knowledge that adds value to their working lives.  For massage therapists, this upgrading or acquisition of knowledge and skills in relevant accredited modalities will ensure you will provide your clients/patients with a high standard of health care.

Why does CPE have points?

Most professions require a minimum number of professional development hours to be completed.  Programs that are rated as relevant CPE can be submitted to associations for recognition in terms of program hours as part of this fulfilment.

CPE requirements are generally measured over the calendar year.

As a professionally qualified practitioner your completion of CPE hours is generally tied to your recognition and registration with Health Fund and WorkCover Authorities. HOWEVER,

Even if you are not concerned with your ability to offer health rebates as part of your service as a therapist, there are many benefits to undertaking CPE including:

  • staying informed and up-to-date with the latest developments in massage treatments
  • enhances your professional status among clients and the community around you
  • keeps you in touch with other practitioners and facilitates networking
  • can contribute toward credits for further study
  • meet insurer requirements

What are my continuing education (CPE) requirements with Massage Network ?

Massage Network has no mandatory annual CPE requirements, however indemnity insurance providers do have conditions concerning ongoing industry professional development.

Further, Massage Network members wishing to add modalities to their marketing / business profile will need to provide evidence of training in the area nominated.  This includes accredited or industry courses and can be uploaded though the CPE portal found in membership pages and also our front page sidebar.

On annual renewal of membership with Massage Network, you will be asked to specify any professional development or CPE programs undertaken in the membership past year.