An Accredited Professional membership is available for practitioners who hold nationally recognised or approved equivalent qualifications in massage therapy or natural health, hold a current First Aid qualification and have appropriate indemnity insurance.   



An Accredited  Professional Member is deemed an “Accredited Associate Member’ of Massage Network Inc.  Under this membership level, a practitioner agrees to maintain their qualifications and insurance indemnity currency.  

As an ‘Accredited Professional Member’ you have access to a range of extended business and marketing benefits with partnering and affiliate organisations.  

An Accredited Professional Member is not under the rules of the Association a voting member. 

Membership Offer

  1. Accredited Professional Memberships include access without charge to the following:
    • Business Resources for Massage Practice
    • Business Marketing Package
    • Wholesaler and Retailer Snap Discounts –  Supply Savings Alerts
    • Client Services Information
    • Business Software trials
    • Business Documents and Guides for Massage Practice
    • Practice Forms
    • Business and Web Media Bank
    • Policy and procedural guidelines in practice management
    • Public Listing as Massage Network Member and Recommendation for Services
  2. Discounted business services including:
    • Insurance Services
    • Bookkeeping Services
    • Web development services
    • Desktop Publishing
    • Printing Services
    • Social Media CONNECT
    • Professional Development Courses and Workshops
    • Business Software Licence Offers
  3. Massage Magazine digital quarterly magazine including professional articles, discounts, product reviews, and other membership offers
  4. Accreditation Status
    • Business marketing of massage therapy practice as an accredited member of Massage Network
    • Approval to utilise Association logo and “Accredited Practitioner” with Massage Network
    • Immediate eligibility to insurance discounts and expansive business services


Membership Terms

All members are required to:

  1. Complete membership form with accuracy including ABN/ACN details, contact details (See our Privacy Policy)
  2. Provide certified evidence of national or equivalent relevant qualifications as massage therapy practitioner
  3. Provide evidence of current First Aid qualification
  4. Provide evidence currency certificate for practitioner insurance of  20 Million professional liability and indemnity cover
  5. Agree to abide by our Code of Practice and utilise our Policies and Procedure Guidelines in daily practice
  6. Agree to abide by auspicing national and local government regulations
  7. Make payment in full for the current year’s membership
  8. Agree to provide membership details on request of any Massage Network Inc partners  to redeem charges or discounts offered
  9. Provide membership verification for funded or discounted services
  10. Agree to the Website: Terms and Conditions of Use
  11. Promote Massage Network Association membership, using its members logo on website or the digital media presence,
  12. Support Massage Network Inc by promoting a positive view of the Network and utilising the Networks complaints and grievance process not the public forum should a grievance arise

Termination Clause:
A Professional Membership may be terminated by Massage Network Inc for:

  1. failure to abide by the above stated Membership Terms
  2. failure to maintain appropriate professional qualifications
  3. failure to maintain insurance coverage to appropriate industry requirements
  4. failure to abide by the code practice
  5. refusal to agree to quality assurance audit on request
  6. inability or refusal to attend to quality assurance issues highlighted at audit or arising through legal or consumer complaint
  7. client abuse or inappropriate client management including failure to uphold their rights to privacy, dignity, honesty, and sound health advice and management
  8. negligence, including provision of  treatment outside your range of qualification and expertise, thereby risking harm or negative health outcomes for clients,
  9. any use or abuse of membership or site privileges may jeopardise membership status. This includes the transfer of membership details to another person for use to obtain Membership privileges.

Memberships are not transferable.

Should a membership be deemed at risk of termination, the member will be notified in writing and by email by Massage Network. If the issue of conduct cannot be reconciled termination will be finalised. Under such circumstance the membership fee will not be refundable.  Where a membership is at risk, the member will be advised of Massage Networks complaints protocol.

The price for membership is $55.00 per Year.