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Showcase Your Massage Therapy Business!

We know you can make great use of our Massage Connect partnership, to provide a short and sharp marketing snapshot to potential customers. We also know that search engines love to see your business name mentioned across multiple web pages and promotions.  The more mentions, the more commonly an internet search will result in your business gaining top billing where its relevant by place or topic.

Take advantage as a Member of our Association to launch a Massage Therapy Website with Email.

As a full member you can:

  • Choose your own domain
  • Pick a ready template for your business or start from scratch
  • Use the simple drag and drop site tools to build your business site suit your tastes and customer base

Your site is:

  • Email ready
  • SEO ready
  • Multi-device ready

Each site is self-managed, you can log in and add, edit or increase whenever you need to.
Websites start with five pages.  Adding pages is simple and inexpensive.


MEMBERS PRICE     $99.00 pa
NOT A MEMBER ?    $165.00 pa

Not sure you can create your own site ?

Massage Therapy Pages will build your webpages, assist with content as required and add SEO features to ensure your business is found.
Ask them for a quote