Terms and Conditions of Use

Using This Site – Terms and Conditions

Integrity of Service is important to us.  We acknowledge the right for people to use the information on this site for knowledge or business service development in the provision of Massage Therapy.  In accessing this site, you, the public, are agreeing that the information is provided in good faith of our intention to assist therapists to build a successful massage business.  If information appears inaccurate or misleading we want to know about it so we can attend to it.  You can email us immediately with concerns.

We will continue to update various links and information as it is available, and endeavour to provide only current or relevant information, particularly through government, association and other feeder sites.

Site Constraints

  • We do not however, agree for users to access pages on this site that are not public pages (private or member-based) by fraud or malicious activity.
  • We do not agree to provide support services to people who are not massage therapists, students in massage therapy,  or who do not offer massage therapy as a treatment service in their Complementary Health Service.
  • We do not promote “personal massage services or intimate services” on this site or partner sites. There is no scope for this type of business within this network.
  • We do not permit proprietary information to be copied without consent
  • We do not accept spam, malicious use or other harmful activities to take place on this site

Terms Of  Use Agreement

Those who access and use this Massage Network site are deemed t0 have agreed to the following :

• Respecting the privacy and dignity of site users
• Respecting the beliefs, rights and values of site users
• Protecting the privacy and confidentiality of users’ personal information
• Acknowledging respect for practitioners across all disciplines
• Promoting the benefits and reputation of massage therapy and those who work within its profession
• Refraining from conduct/comment adversely affecting Massage Network. its members or the massage therapy profession
Disclaimer:  Understanding that Massage Network is not liable for remuneration or compensation for damage that may arise  from the use of its site information or services

Code of Practice – Massage Network Members

As a member of Massage Network, you have a responsibility to clients, your business and yourselves, to ensure integrity of service. “Integrity” is one of those words that gets used a great deal but is not necessarily fully understood. For our purposes, members of Massage Network can consider integrity includes the following aspects:

  • Ethical Practice
  • Quality Assurance In Business and Service Management
  • Quality Assurance In Business Operations
  • Acknowledgement of Legal Responsibilities
  • Professional Skills Management

In this respect, we offer a Code of Practice to Members to consider and uphold as part of their membership responsibilities. This sets out our expectations of ‘good practice’ and ‘smart practice’ in massage therapy. Whether you are a sole-trader, or employer of therapists (contractural or award), adherence to our Code or Practice is required to maintain membership status.

Full Code of Practice Documentation – is available for download.

Terms of Membership – Massage Network

  1. Complete membership form with accuracy including ABN details, contact details (See our Privacy Policy)
  2. Agree to abide by our Code of Practice
  3. Make payment in full for the current year’s membership and agree to subsequent annual membership unless cancellation is requested (Cancellations can be requested using our cancellation form at any time)
  4. Agree to provide membership details on request of any Massage Network Services to redeem charges or discounts offered
  5. Funded or discounted services will not be provided without membership verification
  6. Agree to the Site: Terms and Conditions of Use
  7. Promote Massage Network through the inclusion of the Massage Network logo on website or the digital media presence