Complaints Handling

Have An Issue With Our Services ? 

Please follow our complaints process. 

If you have taken issue with information provided on this site, with staff communications,  or are not satisfied with the accuracy in description of services, please provide details in writing.
Your complaint should outline:

  • Factual information concerning the issue.
  • If your issue relates to your communication with a staff member, provide:
    * Details of what occurred during communication with our organisation and how it occurred
    * Details of when it occurred (include dates)
    * Name(s) of persons involved
  • Evidence to support your complaint
  • Any other information you believe is relevant

All complaints are assessed by the organisation’s Ethical Assessment Panel and will be attended to following that review.

It is our intention, and that of the Ethical Assessment Panel, when assessing and reviewing the complaint, to achieve a mutually satisfactory resolution.  If this is not possible we reserve the right, at the Panel’s discretion, to consult further with the interested parties concerning the complaint, obtain more information, or to obtain legal advice on matters relating to the complaint.

You may use the following email facility to lodge notice of complaint, however your complaint must also be forwarded in writing to:

Australian Natural Health Group
Massage Network Partner
Ethical Assessment Panel
PO Box 2364

Please enter your contact details and a short message below and we will try to answer your query as soon as possible.