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Massage Network Inc – In Brief

Massage Network is an incorporated association and is committed to the promotion of quality massage therapy services, and practitioner support in Australia.  The Association is overseen by a Board of Management.

We support massage therapists in their business and professional growth through our unique ‘Massage Business Hub‘. This is a digital portal open to all Australian Massage Therapists and practitioners who offer massage as part of their complementary health services, by means of association membership.

Membership levels are determined according to practitioner or business requirements.  Members may or may not require full membership according to current registrations with other associations.  Therefore we also provide limited membership access or free restricted access to a range of site resources and services.  All members are deemed an ‘Associate Member’ of Massage Network Inc and are not under the rules of the Association a voting member.

We are dedicated to supporting the growing number of therapists in Australia and acknowledge their role in providing effective wellness support for all Australians.

We are also mindful of our wider Australian community wellness needs.  We choose to support people marginalised or disadvantaged through illness or disability, with the provision of financial, resource or therapeutic support.  This is achieved through donation of a portion of our membership fees and professional service charges to  activities undertaken with the Healing Hands Project Partners.  Visit Australian Natural Health Group for more information


Massage Network Inc

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