Massage Connect – Is Your Business Connected

Massage Therapy Pages Helps Your Business To Connect

When you are primarily interested in face-to-face conversations and your strength is in your hands, how do you reach out in the digital age without spending ridiculous amounts of time,  to let people you don’t know –  understand that you can help them.

Everyone has it seems is connected someway through social media or internet platforms.

Massage Therapists can build and expand business by harnessing this strong community connection.

Whether it’s still Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn Instagram or a newer social media platform, the internet seems to be joining people and communities world wide.

But where does this leave us as business owners? Spending hours trying to provide content for social connections ?




As a member of Massage Network we make sure our Massage Therapists and their practice are on the national map, right where their communities can find them. Connect your practice to the National Database.  Connection – is FREE for all our members.

Massage Network in conjunction with Massage Therapy Pages, provides members with a range of customer connection opportunities. 

  • Place your business on the national search map
  • Link your social media platforms or websites
  • Give customers more information about your massage therapy business
  • Place your contact details, bookings, hours at customers fingertips
  • Add a gallery of images – for logo or shopfront identification
  • Give customers a quick summary of your services, modalities

Your business will not only benefit from increased exposure in your local community, your fee will also provide support for Australian Natural Health Group community reach projects such as  Healing Hands [/one_third]