Caring For Yourself As A Practitioner

Are You Caring For Yourself ?
Self-care. Self-renewal.

“Self Care” and “Self Renewal’   These can be vague concepts we push on our clients for their ‘take-home’ after a massage treatment.  For practitioners, these concepts at a glance can seem so achievable in the moment – but where to begin?  Yoga? A grown-up bouncy castle?

As massage therapists, are we taking note of our own homework?  Are we implementing our grand ideas for meditation and Epsom soaks?

A quick poll among colleagues usually reveals how infrequently we follow our own advice. When did you last have a massage? Sleep-in? Exercise four times a week? Eat mindfully?

It all starts with a ‘To Don’t’ list.   Many of us are notorious for making lists.  To Don’t lists are even more satisfying, because they give you permission to say no and be the centre of attention.  Don’t turn on your phone. Don’t get sucked into another mindless Netflix series. Don’t give up your long run to take that extra last-minute shift.  Once you start To-Don’t-ing, you’ll be amazed at the time you’ve created to explore, unwind and indulge.

Meditation can take many forms and self-renewal doesn’t have to involve yoga or pea sprouts or green tea (unless you like that sort of thing). While you are contemplating the number of ways you engage in activities that are self-nourishing, take a look at our great “Caring for Your Neck and Shoulder” Practitioner Work Out. You can use this to kick-start your own “Self-Care package”

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