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Membership Levels – How to Become A Member


We are committed to supporting massage therapists, small business owners in the healing arts field of Massage Therapy, as well as practitioners in clinic, spa and wellness settings.  We focus on the development of profitable, enjoyable businesses. We want massage therapists to do what they love and earn a decent living doing it.   We want to help make managing and marketing your business a pleasure while offering smarter practice ideas that can help build a strong profile for Massage Therapy in Australia.

We invite you review our membership opportunities – the are inexpensive but open a world of support tools an resources.  Our membership obligations are small and centre on our code of practice.

  1. We offer two tiers of membership depending on your qualifications as a therapist.  You can see more about these by clicking the relevant box below. .
  2. Once you know which membership level you require, proceed with your signup
  3. On payment completion you are emailed:
    * A site registration form
    * A Massage Therapist Profile form
  4. We confirm your details and email your Membership Profile

You may choose to upgrade your membership level if your qualification range changes. 

Member Practitioner  - massage networkPractitioner Membership
$55.00 per annum
Available Australia-wide
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Member Accredited - Massage NetworkAccredited Membership
$55.00 per annum
Available Australia-wide to nationally qualified therapists
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